We visited Vietnam January 2004.  Vietnam is a beautiful country with very friendly people.  They like Americans.  US currency is used along with local currency throughout the country.  We began our journey in the North at Hanoi, flew to the old capitol of Hue, drove down the coast (along a modern highway built by America) to Danang, then to Hoi An, and finally flew to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in the South.  We also spent a few days in the Mekong Delta driving all the way up to the Cambodian border.
Lady in Hanoi, teeth stained with betel nut
Older ladies
Taking a stroll
At Ceramic factory
Smiling lady in rice paddy
Mother and child
Smiling infant
Rice paddy in North
Lunch break
Man in park in Hanoi
Professor in Hanoi who stopped to talk to me
Lady asking me for money
More betel stains
More teeth stain
Workers in rice paddy
Old lady
Lady in boat in rice paddy
Man fishing in North
On way to Perfume Pagoda in North
Lady in row boat
Vender along river
Along busy waterway
Lady working in rice paddy
Paddy fields
Lady rowing with her feet
Young lady
Landscape of North
Roadside vender
Monk at temple
Lady in North
Scenic Halong Bay
Halong Bay
Houseboats on Halong Bay
Houseboat Halong Bay
Fishing boat
Dredging sand on Perfume River
Sand boat, owned by a single family
Family dredges 1 boatload daily
Lady along banks of Perfume River
Dredging Boat
Dredging sand (Hue)
Boats on Perfume River
Morin Hotel in Hue
Bridge (Hue)
Beautiful girl
Typical fruit stall
Catching a ride
Hat vender in market (Hue)
Old lady in Hue
Giving change
Lady in Hue
Cigarette dangler
Face mask (block the sun)
Vender in Hue
Lady carrying goods on bicycle
Cigarette dangler
School girl on her way home
Family on a motorcycle
Hotel chef
Elderly gentleman
Eating pho
Youngster taking a rest
Lady in straw hat
Making sure skin color as light as possible
Young boy
Salesgirl at show stor
hotel assistant in Hoi An
School girls in uniform
Lady spinning silk in Hoi An
Kids in window selling whistles
Man with broad grin
Lady eating seeds at market
Ho Chi Minh photo at vender stall
Lady at market
Old lady
Expressive face
Sunrise on the Mekong delta
On the waterways of the  Mekong delta
Fishing (Mekong delta)
Floating homes (Mekong delta)
Mekong delta
Man 95 years old actively farming
Cham hut in the Mekong delta
Cham lady
Vender selling lettuce in a Cham village
2 sisters (Cham village in Mekng delta)
Lady in Cham village
Eating pho
Coming home from school
School kids being transported from school
Our boat driver in the Mekong delta
House on stilts in Mekong delta
Along a tributary of the Mekong River
Washing clothes on the river bank
Girl washes hair within 100 feet
of these 2 kids who are on the pot!
Mekong delta riverbank resident salutes us
Lady in Mekong Delta
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