Suzhou & Zhouzhuang May 2006

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Lady filling banana leaves with pork and a rice-based concoction, Zhouzhuang
Traditional medicine pharmacy (in museum)), Zhouzhuang
Zhouzhuang is on the Jinghang Canal which links Suzhou and Shanghai. Its about 30 miles west of Shanghai.
Lady, Old Town, Zhouzhuang
A shop selling musical instruments, Zhouzhuang
Lady knitting, Zhouzhuang
Chengxu Temple, a Song-dynasty Daoist shrine, Zhouzhuang
View of bridge and canal, Zhouzhuang
Taking a canal cruise heading under one of the several old bridges, Zhouzhuang
Along the Canal, Zhouzhuang
View of canal, Zhouzhuang
This is our guide. We are on a gondola ride, Zhouzhuang
Lady, Zhouzhuang
Filling banana leaves, Zhouzhuang
Dodger fan, Zhouzhuang

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