We were in India during Jan 2006 for 3 and a half weeks.  This trip we concentrated on the Southern part of India.  We flew in and out of Bangalore and visited 6 of the 35 states and territories of India.  I have attempted to describe India by brief descriptors at the top of several   subsequent pages.
The photos are divided into 3 groups as your progress through:  
(1) PEOPLE (pages 1-9)
(2) RELIGION (pages 10-11)
(3) INFRASTRUCTURE (pages 12-13)  
We had our own vehicle and a driver and guide throughout.  We flew from Bangalore to Chenai then drove south along the East coast to Pondicherry then south and west to the other coast to Kochi (Cochin) then north to Goa,  From Goa we flew to Bangalore, then drove west along a triangular route to Chikamagalur and then south to Mysore and back to Bangalore.  We then flew to Mumbai and then back  home via Bangalore.
I hope you enjoy the photos and learn something about India.
Girl with Coke bottle, Chennai
Boy with Pepsi and Gandhi, Chennai
Young GIRL visiting Serpentarium, Chennai (Young boys are some- times dressed as girls).
Young girl in park, Chennai
Class photo, Temple at Belur. Note honorary student in 1st row.
Proud mother and son in park, Chennai
Pretty Lady, Chikamagalur
Sipping coconut juice, Chennai
Mother and baby, Chennai
Kathakali dancer in colorful costume, Kochi
Rice fields, Tamil Nadu
On the backwaters of Kerala
Old man, near Pondicherry
Lady near Temple at Mahabalipurim
Old man near Halebid
Watching snakes at Serpentarium, Chennai
Pilgrims on road to Kanchipuram (Note bags of offerings)
Saree bought at auction at Kanchipuram Temple. (A temple auction is rare).
Ditch digger, Chikamagular
Young girl at Serpentarium, Chennai
Giggling ladies at well near Munnar
Chikamagalur merchants
Muslim pilgrim, Chikamagalur
Boy along Coromandel coast (Bay of Bengal), Tamil Nadu
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