Fred Seligman, MD., CM., MPH


Welcome to the Fred Seligman Web site! ***

At the present time, It contains a Seligman family section which I am hoping can become a place that Seligman family history, photos and happenings can be posted. 

I am look forward to Seligmans helping to build it up as a family resource and as a method to increase the interchange between Seligmans.  I am starting with photos and look forward to hearing from all of you.  (David Meyer would not be very proud of the initial outpouring of material!!)

In September 1998,  I attended the 35th Reunion of my McGill Medical School Class.  This reunion and its aftermath is really what prompted me to develop a web-site. I needed a way to share numerous photos with my classmates.  I hope the McGill section will develop into a multimedia resource for the class of 1963.

Family members and McGill Classmates can send me information/photos, and I will place it on the website.  Thanks in advance for any material submitted.

Please send comments and materials to   fred@fredseligman.com.

This page was last updated on11/21/99.

*** The 'Fred Seligman Web Site' was originally published in November 1998. It was on its original server until 2003.

I have rebuilt the original site as part of the 'new Fred Seligman website' and have tried to leave it basically intact.

I have, with few exceptions, not updated date or other references. So references are in the context of the 1998-9 published date.

Note how much Web design and publishing has advanced since 1999. At the time it was originally published it was pretty cool for a personal site!



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